Great Instrumentals

The rich, golden sound of the Gunter Noris Orchestra makes it pre-eminent among the world’s best dance bands. For many years
American dancers preferred it over any other dance band. That
is why “Gunter Noris Plays Requests 2” is my
favorite instrumental 10-dance album. Two tracks
in particular have made it famous: “Irish Green”
waltz and “Rumba Dulaine”. Moreover, I
like all 22 tracks!

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Gold Standard


Gold Standard CoverGOLD STANDARD by Ross Mitchell, His Band & Singers (DLD 1054, $27) is my favorite CD for Standard Dancing. I use it every day to practice. It has 32 tracks—9 Quicksteps, 8 Waltzes, 8 Foxtrots, 3 Tangos, and 3 Viennese Waltzes.

I like all 32 tracks, but my favorites are “Desert Song” (W), “Kisses in the Dark” (W), “When You Wish Upon A Star” (FT), “Moonlight Serenade (FT), “The Rain In Spain” (T), and “A New Fangled Tango”.

You’ll really like it!