Dick’s Daily Picks

Today it’s a quickstep “Paper Roses” that was

popular in the 60’s and 70’s and was recorded

by the Victor Silvester Orchestra, arguably the

most popular dance band in England at that

time.  It’s an instrumental, light and bright at

48 mpm.  It was issued in the US by Telemark

Records–4066, a 45 rpm single.  The flip side

is Do-Re-Mi, at 50 mpm.  I used to hum the

tune a lot in the late 60’s, and it’s still fresh

in my mind.  A few copies of the single are still

 available, and it’s listed on the Telemark Records website.

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1.  Santa Lucia/Torna A Surriento, W-29,2:52

2.  Waiki Waltz,W-29, 3:09

3.  Valse D’Amour, W-29, 3:06

4.  Fox as Fox Can, QS-49,  2:27

5.  Nelken Fox, QS-49, 2:29

6.  Sunshine & Roses, QS-50, 2:48

7.  Turkish Honey, FT-29, 3:04

8.  Swinging Fantasy, FT-29, 3:02

9.  Waltzing Violins, VW-58, 2:40

10.Donnerstag Walzer-59, 3:00

11.Tango Teneriffa, T-32, 2:55

12.Geisha Tango, T-32, 3:49

13.Moliendo Cafe, S-50, 2:47

14.Mexican Hat Dance/La Bamba, S-51, 4.00

15.Hold Me Tight, R-26, 3:25

16.Sweet Inspiration, R-26, 3:13

17.Rumba del Amor, R-26, 3:06

18.Patricia/Cherry Pink, C-31, 3:27

19.Eliza Cha Cha Cha, C-31, 3:03

20.Granat Paso Doble, PD-59, 2:08

21.Mack the Knife, J-42, 2:47

22.Go Go Jive, J-43, 3:16

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Dick’s Daily Pick

Today it’s a foxtrot “Welcome to My World”, a

great song sung by a rich baritone to a smooth

foxtrot rhythm by the German dance band

Klaus Hallen on his album Slow Foxtrot Collection

The Germans use the term “slow foxtrot” to

distinguish it from “foxtrot”, which is a quickstep.

The tempos on this album are 30 MPM and 29MPM,

which are standard International Style tempos

for foxtrot.

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Dick’s Daily Pick

My favorite waltza today is the beautiful “Come

Back to Sorrento”, an instrumental admirably recorded by Ross

Mitchell and his Band on the album Rainbow Collection.

Piano and flute lead us through this haunting melody.

and Oh, how you can glide to the very end,  but wishing

there were more!

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Telemark Records & Richard Nixon

In 1973-74. a politically active record producer and a politically active song writer joined forces to produce an usual record. Henry Tobias, song writer from CA, and Richard Mason from VA teamed up with Frank Yankovic in Pittsburgh to record a Polka LP with two of Tobias’s songs. Mason had worked in John Connelly’s Democrats for Nixon headquarters. Tobias was a Nixon fan, and both men were apprehensive of Nixon”s imminent impeachment proceedings. Tobias composed the song “Hang in There Mr. President” and after the  polka  LP had been recorded, Frank Yankovic and his Band played the political polka. Telemark Records issued it on a 45 rpm single.  It was played on  several radio stations, and Mason delivered complimentary copies to all 48 senators on Capitol Hill and to the White House.  Shortly thereafter Nixon resigned and “Hang in There Mr. President” vanished from sight.
Song writer Henry Tobias, one of the Tobias songwriting brothers—Charles, Harry, and Henry—was not satisfied with just one 45″ single to promote support for the beleagured Nixon. He took another track, soon issuing a song folio of sheet music entitled LET’S SING FOR THE PRESIDENT. “Dedicated to President Nixon”. “Inspired by Richard Mason”.  It contained four songs:
Hang in There, Mr. President, We’re Fixin’ A Date With Nixon, I’m a Democrat for Nixon (melody based on George M. Cohen’s “Yankee Doodle Dandy”), and the traditional Hail to the Chief. He sent a bunch of them to Richard Mason, who late at night delivered one of the folios to the White House Mail Room.  Its additional distribution is unknown.
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