International-Style Tango

By Richard S. Mason
Copyright © 2007

An all Tango CD without a traditional Tango melody, from the Klaus Hallen Ochestra of Germany! That is his TANGO COLLECTION, 14 of the staccato-type Tangos characteristic of International-Style Tango music, all of them at 33 MPM. The tunes are a combination of classical and popular numbers, nine of them instrumentals and five of them vocals.

Of the popular ones, I particularly enjoyed “What Now My Love”; it’s really stimulating and sung by a fine baritone. All in all there’s plenty of fine dancing here, with many of the tracks useful for exhibitions, although all but four may be too short for that pupose. Here are the tracks and their durations:

  1. Phantom of the Opera (Weber) 2:58
  2. Swan Lake (Tchaikovsky) 2:15
  3. Kalinka (traditional Russian melody) 2:29
  4. Turkischer Marsch (Mozart) 2:38
  5. Donna Diana (Reznicek) 3:16
  6. The Marriage of Figaro (Mozart) 2:02
  7. Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White (3:04) Do you believe it? I’ve always danced cha cha to this tune!
  8. St. Louis Blues Tango (3:01) What a surprise! It’s good.
  9. Verano Porteno (2:36) Perhaps this is a Tango tune, as the composer is Malando, whose orchestra is famous for its Tangos.
  10. What Now My Love (2:28) Vocal
  11. Alice in Fashionland (2:52) Vocal
  12. Money, Money, Money (2:49) Vocal
  13. Part Time Love (3:25) Vocal
  14. Belle (2:39) Vocal
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Tango Music

By Richard S. Mason
Copyright © 2007

One of my favorite Tango records is the CD The Very Best of Tango, a collection of 16 international hits, all instrumentals ranging from 28-33 MPM, 12 of them 30 or 31 MPM, and performed by Luis Vinicio e la sus orchestra tipica argentina. The most popular Tango tunes are here. It is great for American-Style Tango, but, for the most part, not sharp enough or fast enough for International Style. I used it in the summer of 2006 to teach a beginners class of children 8-12, and they responded well to the music. Some of the tracks would be good for exhibitions. The CD is available at Here are the tracks:

  1. La Cumparsita, 30 MPM, 3:35
  2. Blue Tango, 30 MPM, 2:24
  3. Caminito, 32 MPM, 2:59
  4. Tango Delle Campinere, 31 MPM, 2:36
  5. Rodriguez Pena, 31 MPM, 2:07
  6. La Paloma, 30 MPM, 3:14
  7. Mi Jaca, 33 MPM, 3:14
  8. Uno, 30 MPM, 3:19
  9. Gelosia (Jealousy), 31 MPM, 3:22
  10. El Choclo, 32 MPM, 3:04
  11. Poema, 31 MPM, 2:35
  12. A Media Luz, 31 MPM, 2:37
  13. Un Giorno Ti Diro, 28 MPM, 2:17
  14. Violetta, 30 MPM, 3:57
  15. Canaro en Paris, 30 MPM, 2:50
  16. Adios Muchachos, 30 MPM, 2:39


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