Beautiful German Waltz

By Richard S. Mason
Copyright © 2007

Joan took the German CD IRGENDWANN to a children’s class, thinking that the waltz and the foxtrot would be suitable for teaching beginners. Later the director phoned, wanting the name of the waltz, which she loved.The waltz bore the same title “Irgendwann” as the CD and was sung in German by Anke Brochhausen. So back the CD goes to next week’s dance class, which also used “All I Ask of You” instrumental as a foxtrot. The CD is played by the Karl Schmidt orchestra, which has also recorded MOONLIGHT DANCING. Here are the tracks on IRGENDWANN:

  1. Heal the World, Rumba, 29 MPM, vocal by Claire
  2. On the Beach, Cha Cha, 32
  3. Something Happened on the Way to Heaven, Disco Fox, 32, vocal by Helli Gattung
  4. Love for Sale, Samba, 52
  5. Irgendwann, W, 29, vocal by Anke Brochhausen
  6. Tango T, 33, a rousing Intl.-style Tango
  7. Don’t Worry, Disco Fox, 30, vocal by Claire
  8. Hofball Tanze, Viennese Waltz, 60
  9. All I Ask of You, Foxtrot, 30
  10. Rock ‘n’ Roll Suzie, Jive, 44, vocal by Helli Gattung
  11. Park Avenue Strut, Slow Jive, 38
  12. El Bailador, Paso Doble, 62
  13. September, Cha Cha, 32, vocal by Bernd Markendorff
  14. Tanzende Schuhe, Quickstep, 52

Telemark Records (301-445-4366) still has a few of these left.

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