Dick’s Daily Pick

Today I/m choosing the beautiful instrumental international rumba “Aria” on the Tony Evans and his orch. CD “Somewhere in Time:. It’s 2:46 min. in length and 27 MPM.  There’s another melodious rumba

medley on the same CD, which is a mixture of Standard and Latin.

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Superior Dancing 4


Superior Dancing 4Today I was foxtrotting to Jim Reeves’ famous vocal: “I Love You Because”.  It was glorious.  I actually got some flight!

It’s probably my favorite Foxtrot, and it can be found on Superior Dancing Vol. IV.  Among the 20 tracks of Standard and Latin dances, there are many good vocals by original artists.

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El Nuevo Cha Cha Cha


El Nuevo Cha Cha ChaI’m still in a Cha Cha mood, and my selection today is “Amor”, a hot female vocal on Andy Fortuna’s CD El Nuevo Cha Cha Cha. The choice was a tight contest with another track, “Bilando Boogaloo Remix”.

Actually all 17 tracks have a driving, distinct Latin beat that you can’t miss. You’ll have fun with it.

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Casa Musica 15: Latinos


Casa Musica 15: LatinosToday I have the urge to Cha Cha and I have chosen “Chilly Cha Cha Cha” by Jessica Jay on Casa Musica 15: Latinos. It’s very popular with other dancers as well.



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Dick’s Daily Picks

Today it’s a quickstep “Paper Roses” that was

popular in the 60’s and 70’s and was recorded

by the Victor Silvester Orchestra, arguably the

most popular dance band in England at that

time.  It’s an instrumental, light and bright at

48 mpm.  It was issued in the US by Telemark

Records–4066, a 45 rpm single.  The flip side

is Do-Re-Mi, at 50 mpm.  I used to hum the

tune a lot in the late 60’s, and it’s still fresh

in my mind.  A few copies of the single are still

 available, and it’s listed on the Telemark Records website.

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1.  Santa Lucia/Torna A Surriento, W-29,2:52

2.  Waiki Waltz,W-29, 3:09

3.  Valse D’Amour, W-29, 3:06

4.  Fox as Fox Can, QS-49,  2:27

5.  Nelken Fox, QS-49, 2:29

6.  Sunshine & Roses, QS-50, 2:48

7.  Turkish Honey, FT-29, 3:04

8.  Swinging Fantasy, FT-29, 3:02

9.  Waltzing Violins, VW-58, 2:40

10.Donnerstag Walzer-59, 3:00

11.Tango Teneriffa, T-32, 2:55

12.Geisha Tango, T-32, 3:49

13.Moliendo Cafe, S-50, 2:47

14.Mexican Hat Dance/La Bamba, S-51, 4.00

15.Hold Me Tight, R-26, 3:25

16.Sweet Inspiration, R-26, 3:13

17.Rumba del Amor, R-26, 3:06

18.Patricia/Cherry Pink, C-31, 3:27

19.Eliza Cha Cha Cha, C-31, 3:03

20.Granat Paso Doble, PD-59, 2:08

21.Mack the Knife, J-42, 2:47

22.Go Go Jive, J-43, 3:16

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