Dancing to Freedom

For the last six weeks, I’ve been playing the Charles Barlow’s Orchestra’s “Dancing to Freedom” for my daily exercise routine. It consists of Revolutionary War era tunes in instrumental arrangements conforming to modern dance rhythms. The 14 tunes are sprightly with clear dance rhythms and confortable tempos. The cha cha’s, however, are a little fast for beginning dancers. My top three
favorite tracks are “Marion” rumba, a melody of Joseph Haydn; “Lucky Escape” samba, and “Over the Hills and Far Away/Lilliebulero” foxtrot. (That’s a very catchy tune that keeps stuck in my mind. I am always humming it or whistling it at various time of day.

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Savoy Nites by Joe Salzano & the Blue Devils

Savoy Nites by Joe Salzano & the Blue DevilsRobert Bell, professional guitarist at the Twin Cities Hot Club and a devotee of gypsy jazz music, has ordered this CD, which gets good reviews from the Swing dance crowd.

Ron’s CD Review writes "This band was excellent at the Hop the Millenium dance competition in Ensenada, Mexico." Ron likes "Blue Devil Stomp" (39 MPM) and the six-minute original "Phantom Blues" (37 MPM).

DJ Ryan Swift says, "The whole album is great plus it’s the first band I danced to live."

Available from Telemark Music.

We’ve lost track of the band. Anyone know where they’re playing now?

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Steppin’ Out with Charles Barlow & His Orchestra

Bologna Open 3--Latin ClassicHere is the dance band that thrilled dancers at Blackpool for many years. Their final album, a rich mixture of Smooth and Latin, is now available for the first time on CD.

To order, contact Telemark Music.

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Dick’s Daily Pick

I ran across an ethereally beautiful slow rumba, Massenet’s “Meditation” on the CD “Steppin’ Out”
by the Charles Barlow Orchestra that used to play at Blackpool It’s 28 MPM and lasts 2:36 min.
I can’t get the melody out of my head. It would
make a great exhibition
selection. Another haunting, and beautiful,
slow rumba is the movie
theme “Winds of War” on
the same album.

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Dick’s Daily Pick

If you like German songs and sharp tangos, you’ll enjoy “Pariser Tango” sung by the French artist
Mireille Mathieu. It’s a rollicking good tango on
Superior Dancing 4, and is accompanied by the familiar and beautiful “Hor Mein Lied,
Violetta”, an instrumental by the Bela
Sanders Orchestra.

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Today it’s a SAMBA.  It’s COPACABANA, and they

played it on “Dancing with the Stars” this week.  I found a good recording of it on STAND TOGETHER PLEASE by Irvin

Tidswell and His Orchestra, the band that played at

the Blackpool Championships for some years.  This

recording has a clear samba rhythm, at a comfortable

speed of 51 MPM and just the right length of 2:19

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